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Vasken Salon is an internationally award-winning, full-service flagship salon located in Trump Tower, the center of luxury living in Westchester.

Widely renowned as one of the country's leading hair experts, Vasken conceived the vision for his first boutique salon from his love of art and architecture, as well as his acute understanding of design and beauty. In this highly conceptual, sleek German-inspired space by architect Katerina Soukhopalov (MSK Design Group), ambiance is fine-tuned in order to amplify the transformative experience of color and cut.

“I knew that in my pursuit of creating beautiful and elegant hair color, I needed to create an environment for my clients that is among the most well-designed interiors in the world so that my elite clientele could be in a setting that reflects that attention to detail and quality that their hair will be getting,” remarks Vasken Demirjian.

The custom-designed interior is a nod to Vasken's background in the art world. The elite design aesthetic and creative vision yielded an incredibly modern interior with pure and glossy white with flashes of Valentino red.

Exclusively using luxury Kerastase products, the Vasken Demirjian Salon is home to over a dozen, hand selected International specialists imported from all over the globe - Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy and Brazil - for their unparalleled skills in beauty and luxury care.


Architecture and Design by:

MSK Design Group, New York NY
Katerina Soukhopalov – Demirjian
Maren Sostmann ( also @ WernerSobekNewYork and Stuttgart, Germany)